Friday, June 12, 2009

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

080801-3 Lollapalooza Part 1

Millenium Park

A Pretty Little Thang

Tally Hall & Jonny Santos

Tally Hall & Jonny Santos

Friday Live Painting

Hello Everyone, welcome to the Summer Lounge! Sit back and makes youse self comfortable
and check out the beginning of a road trip with Jonny Santos and Mike Ming. Brought together through Dell. Born from different mothers, joined at the dome. But this is just images of a wandering camera from a stumbling. Enjoy.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

was in tokyo 2008. secret appendix A .

Some Flicks.
Some Places.
Some Secrets.
Some Just Is.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


last thursday, went out for two sessions of surf at the super secret surf spot I try to frequent as often as possible.
morning session was dope! caught mad waves. fell and pearled mad times! I was in cloud nine.
usually when days like this I ll go to work worked. falling asleep at the sander, drowsing off at the
mitre saw. nothing like a table saw to make moldings to wake me up , tho.
went back out for an afternoon session. shit was tight. more steep. more hectic. and more sharks.
meaning, cats who are sharks... mad tight line up. beautiful to watch. nothing but scraps to have.
well, for me. beautiful and frustrating. it s alright though. sometimes life is like this.
and those sharks... good ones. scraps were far and few in between. and shit! we was fighting
for thems too! hahah. aint nothing more humbling than someone beating your ass with your own

Friday, April 20, 2007


I m trying to be more responsible for the actions
I ve chose and this is one of those.
a really really really long story but the short version is,
time waits for no one. and we all have to
live with the consequences of our actions.
eventually they begin to guide the direction
we really flow but ultimately the responsibility
of those decisions have an outcome. both positive
and negative. or really just what it is...
that s been my life now.
just tying up the loose ends and moving foward and
learning and studying and trying to make better
moves or at least, a more responsible direction.
always like this.
everyday like this.. since the beginning..
just times gone by and I ve got alot more
looser ends that I didn t tie up before.
it s good though.
a good kick in the ass, a good jump start to
an old fart waiting to blow out. hahah.

and finally after a long period of wait and
the right opportunity, I went for a surf!
two sessions!
the first session was a blast. clean. not so steep.
the second session was hard. hard to read. steep and fast.
crowded.. well... if twenty is crowded....
but well worth it!
also the second session.. I was tired. ahh.. my arms still sore.
but it was a blessing!
miss getting in the water and actually surfing.
but always dreaming and thinking and now...
planning to really live somewhere where I can do the surf.
I mean, right now I can t do whatever I want.. I mean,
can never do that all the time but if I plan right,
I can do some thing I really want by focusing!

my frames are off the hook.
super fresh and getting better.
made a medium one for x watercolor piece.. he s psyched!
made a few for y.. thems all dope!
made a few for z... they were excited..
and the one s Im making now are better!
you see where this is going?...

I can get a job or open a shop where frames can be in
eventually I ll be making sculptures and carpentry stuff..
it s really expanding my horizon.
so much so, it integrates with my art!
need more time but it s okay.
just patience.

well, rattled my fingers off...
always writing like this.

Monday, April 16, 2007


although, I realize that these postings all went on the scene at about the same time,
they were all thoughts I wrote a bit back.. hence, the date in that numerical title...
well anyways, it ll get updated everyonce in a while. when I feel like it.


I m imagining that I am one of those
artists that can not be calculated by
age and transcends timeness or that
present state of moment, as I will cut
through that none sense like the wind
cuts through a forest of trees.
age has no bearing on my creations.
what I weave is timeless and thus makes
me timeless..
perceived as young


what the helll have I been doing? well, it seems from the news I m hearing,
I fell off the face of the planet.. yeah.. maybe so. but only to work and play and do
all those things without trying to attract attention. been pushing, paddling, kicking,
painting and making frames. been doing all those things I always do, just time ain t
stopping for no body and that unfortunately includes me. oh well. life goes on. time
ticks on and my son celebrated his sixth year on earth and I have a new lady who
treats me wonderfully. ahh!! life and spring and all them seasons we love and
anticipate and relish and dream about and write poems and fantasize and all that stuff
we as human will do. life. wonderful. aint no one falling off the planet.. just getting
re buried and re located and re cycling and all that is brand new. amazing?
yes it is.


andy warhol was right. if you saw something over and over , the repetition of events
makes the viewer acclamated enough to begin to not care about the image or
the image itself just attatches to the viewer in such the same way as when a song
I dislike engages into auto play in my head and I am forced with no will or control
but to listen and repetitively play the song over and over, sometimes in just a short
passage of time. I no longer begin to care about the art and ultimately about the
concept of the car crash piece that I realize, I don t care for the art and conceptual
art pieces in general. Of course, this is the perfect time for me to begin thinking
about some art piece I can create. neat.


he ripped through the old yellowing morse code paper taped on with scotch tape,
leaving a hardened plastic like residue on the metal surface. 'I must be so vain..'
as he peered and smiled at his own reflection in the boy scout mirror. He was having
intense personal conversation when it occured to him that without the
document of such intense personal moments for later moments and later, generations
of hopeless admirers who suckle at these fascinating fantasies of
fame and longevity, it still pained him at moments to think that there will never
be a time when he will actually experience his glory, for his audience was growing
as rapidly as it takes to read this short passage. without a good control of vocabulary,
he was finding it more and more difficult to imagine such moments in

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


welcome to my blog space. this is my personal forum and talk out loud. great. but without much hoopla and anticipated moments of these words to become, I ve just accidentally stepped in here, reading about someone else site and wanting to comment. so , here it is. let s see how long this keeps up. peace. 195